That is CDIV?

CDIV is a library of graphical programming multiplatform C/C++, use the graphics library based on DIV2 and ALLEGRO 4.2.

Notable for the simplicity of programming, thanks to the programming through processes. Each process is independent, each running a separate code to other processes and can be assigned graphics, rotation angles, execution priority, etc ... In addition to the libraries themselves, may be used any of the functions of C/C++ and any of the functions of ALLEGRO.

 - Download the CDIV last version -


It is a programming environment for Windows multimedia applications, mostly video games using the power of the C/C + + and ALLEGRO graphics library, both are combined in the library CDIV processing system based on processes to DIV2 style.

Consists of:
 - Compiler C/C++ based on DEVCPP4
 - Documentation of C/C++ languaje
multimedia library
 - ALLEGRO documentation
 - CDIV library
 - CDIV documentation
 - (FPG) FPGEDIT - Image manager
 - (FNT) FNTEDIT - Font maker
Explosions generator
 - Extern librarys: allegjpg, alpng, almp3, alogg, jgmod, tcpsock.
 - Sample games
 - Tutorials
 - Sample CDIV functions

 - Download the CDIV GAMES STUDIO last version -