Changes from version 1.3 to 1.4


+ Improves compatibility WINDOWS - LINUX - MACOSX

The sentences #include <cdiv.h> become #include "cdiv.h" ie the symbols ( < > are replaced by " ) because these symbols are not recognized by MACOSX.

Change keys for "debug mode" happening to be F9 to number 1, F10 to number 2, F11 to number 3, F12 to number 4 not to interfere with the function keys of different operating systems.

Is added to the documentation an installation tutorial MACOSX.

+ Disappears change_chanel() function

+ New global variables:

Global variables os_type, midi_pos, midi_time

+ New function and process for joysticks:

int need_calibrate_joysticks();

PROCESS_INIT( calibrate_joysticks )( char * _msj, int * _estado )

+ New functions for sound:

int sound_looped( int id_snd, unsigned char vol, unsigned long loop_begin, unsigned long loop_end );
SAMPLE * sound_get_sample( int id_snd );
unsigned long sound_get_length( int id_snd );

void sound_pause( int id_canal )
void sound_resume( int id_canal )

void sound_set_playmode( int id_canal, int playmode );
void sound_set_priority( int id_canal, int priority );

void sound_set_position( int id_canal, int position );
int sound_get_position( int id_canal );

unsigned char sound_get_volume( int id_canal );
void sound_set_volume( int id_canal, unsigned char snd_vol );
void sound_ramp_volume( int id_canal, int snd_time, int endvol );
void sound_stop_ramp_volume( int id_canal );

unsigned char sound_get_frequency( int id_canal );
void sound_set_frequency( int id_canal, unsigned char snd_frec );
void sound_sweep_frequency( int id_canal, int snd_time, unsigned char endfreq );
void sound_stop_sweep_frequency( int id_canal );

unsigned char sound_get_pan( int id_canal );
void sound_set_pan( int id_canal, unsigned char snd_pan );
void sound_sweep_pan( int id_canal, int snd_time, unsigned char endpan );
void sound_stop_sweep_pan( int id_canal );

int midi_looped( int id_mid, int loop_start, int loop_end )

+ New functions for files:

void set_full_path( char * strFile )
int exists( const char * archivo )
int file_exists( const char * archivo, int atributos, int * atributos_archivo )

char * get_filename( const char * archivo )
char * get_extension( const char * archivo )
void get_executable_name( char * archivo, int size )
char * append_filename( char * destino, const char * ruta, const char * archivo, int size )
char * replace_extension( char * destino, const char * archivo, const char * extension, int size )
char * replace_filename( char * destino, const char * archivo, const char * archivo_nuevo, int size)

unsigned long file_time( const char * archivo )